Refunds and Cancellation Policy

Workflow Dynamix Ltd

Refunds and Cancellation Policy



Cooling off period


Customers have 14 days to cancel the service(s) that they have signed up for. A full refund of the amount which has been paid for any services will be refunded back to the customer by Workflow Dynamix Ltd. The refund will be processed digitally and will be paid into the same account with which the Direct Debit was set up. The customer will have to allow two working weeks to receive any refunds for services. See below for information about refunds of admin fees.


Cancellations and Refunds


Workflow Dynamix Ltd reserves the right to cancel the service at any time. In this event customers will be entitled to a pro rata refund based upon the remaining period of month. If a customer contravenes Workflow Dynamix Ltds' terms of service a refund will not be issued in the event of a cancellation.


Customers may cancel their services at any time by giving a 30 day written notice to Workflow Dynamix Ltd. The service(s) will be cancelled after the 30 day notice has expired. The customer will be required to pay any remaining balance which will accumulate within the 30 day notice period.


Any incentives offered to customers when opening the account will also be cancelled. Customers may be given the option to purchase services which were offered as start-up incentives in the result of a cancellation. If a customer cancels any Direct Debits without prior written notice to Workflow Dynamix Ltd, they will lose their right to receiving any refunds.


Admin fee refunds


Refunds of any admin fees paid to Workflow Dynamix LTD will be at the discretion of Workflow Dyanmix Ltd. Workflow Dynamix Ltd will be entitled to claim any expenses incurred as a result of configuring a customers’ application. These costs may be part or all of the admin fee paid by the customer to Workflow Dynamix Ltd.

Please note: by signing up for any of our services you agree to be bound by all Workflow Dynamix Ltd's Refunds and Cancellation Policy.